Wash and Fold Service

Are You Spending Too Much Time Doing Laundry?

Find out how your laundry can be done in just four minutes!

Did you know that doing the laundry is Americans’ second most hated household chore?
Our Wash and Fold services meet the needs of everyone, from singles on the go, to parents with children, to busy professionals.

Parkway Cleaners offers a drop off service so you can leave your laundry and let us do the work for you! Your items will come back clean, smelling great, and neatly folded, ready to be put away.

Unscented, sensitive skin detergent available upon request.

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Number of pounds of laundry that Parkway Cleaners processed last year.

Wash and fold laundry is anything that does not need to be dry cleaned and pressed. It can be regular shirts, pants, and even any undergarments you have that need to be washed. Our wash and fold service is often used by those who haven’t got a lot of time to do that kind of laundry, so they entrust it in our care and we do the work.

Wash and fold is designed for your general laundry. We will wash, dry and neatly fold general laundry items ( t shirts, pants, nightwear, underwear socks etc.) Even your socks will be paired together.
The difference between this service and our dry clean per piece service is that items are not pressed.
All item will be sorted based on Men’s items, Women’s item, small child etc. and placed in plastic bags that will be put in a Garantote. ( this is a large tote bag made from polypropylene which works well for Wash and Fold.) The end result is that sorting items at home will be as easy as possible.

We price out our wash and fold bags per pound, and the specific pricing for wash and fold bags can be inquired about through the contact information on our website.

Your wash and fold bags can be dropped off like your regular clothes,  using a purple bag instead of a black bag.
If you do not have a purple Parkway bag, we have them at the store and will be provided upon drop off if on the route.

That means you can drop it off in-store or through our free pickup and delivery service!

No we will sort your items into lights and darks

We can accommodate the use of sent free detergent and dryer sheets if desired by the customer.

Please put a comment on your profile or let the clerk know when you drop off.


No, Parkway Cleaners has you covered. We have mesh laundry bags that we’ll use as needed to protect your items from anything with a Velcro opening, hook-and-eye clasp fasteners, or any other types of closures that might harm the other things in your load.

Don’t worry! It’s part of our process to always check all pockets.  Items of importance will be returned with the wash in the bag.



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