Frequently Asked Questions

What are my next steps after signing up for pick-up and delivery service

After you choose the “pick up” icon you will be directed to the Request a Pickup Screen.

You will have the ability to choose the next pick-up and delivery dates that are available in your area. You will receive an email confirming the pickup request.  You also have the ability to relay any special instructions or concerns that you may have about an item.

Login to your Account Portal via the link in the header or footer of the website.

After login; click the pickup tab and select your pickup and delivery date; 

You will have the ability to choose the next pick-up and delivery dates that are available in your area. You will receive an email confirming the pickup request.  You also have the ability to relay any special instructions or concerns that you may have about an item.

How do I prepare my garments for the first pickup

For the Designated pick up / drop off spot we want an area that has protection from the element of possible inclement weather. Usually this is at the front door, but it could be side door, back door or in the garage (especially if you have a keypad). There should be an over the door hanger or hook to leave your freshly pressed items. If you need a over the door hanger let us know and we can provide one.

We understand that some houses have unique challenges. If you are unsure about the best spot just reach out to us and our drivers can help suggest the best option for your home.

After an area is chosen please let us know by sending an email to customerservice@parkwaycleaner.com to let us know the best designated drop off area.

Express Drop off / Pickup

Express drop off is where you have a black Parkway bag with a name tag, and you can use our drop bin in the store, or the after hours (select stores) drop spot to quickly drop off your cleaning items.

All you have to do is use our mobile app to let us know you’re on your way, and pre-pay for your items. We’ll get an alert in the store and have your items ready and waiting for you in a designated pickup spot. That way, you can just pop in, grab your stuff, and be on your way! Easy peasy, right?
We have a really convenient way to make payments by simply having a payment card on file. You can update or change your primary card anytime using our user-friendly app or Customer Connect web portal. Don’t worry, we keep your card information secure by using credit card tokenization.

However, we understand that some of our customers prefer paying with cash, and that’s okay! We have an easy system set up for that. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our associates at the store to help put a cash balance onto your profile cash credit. We’re here to support you in any way we can!

Hey there! Good news – you can easily find the app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So no matter what device you’re using, you can access all of its amazing features. Hope this helps!


Customer Connect Portal via the App or Website


Your LOGIN will be the email address we have on file, and the default PASSWORD is the last 4 digits of the phone number we have on file for you.  Once you log in, you may update your password.


If you are using the app; you can use your phone number to login and setup your email address & password.  

If you do not have the app you can use your account number in place of the email and the last four of your phone for the first time login. 

You can find your customer number on the statement, or at the bottom of emails we send out.


If you do not know what phone number we have on file for you another option is to reset the password.  You will receive an email with a link to change the password to one of your choosing.  If you have any issues, or questions feel free to call or email us for assistance.

On the main “home screen” you will be able to do the following

1. Profile tab view and edit your personal profile information.

2. Pickup request, Request pickups, and schedule vacation holds.

3. My Orders, View current and past history.

4. Coupons, View current specials and promotions from The Clean Store.

5. Refer a Friend, Invite a friend or family to use The Clean Store and both parties will
receive a special Thank you from The Clean Store.

6. Pricing, view pricing for common items

7. Help, Ask a question, provide feedback, view frequently asked questions, access contact

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After you are able to login to the Customer Connect Portal you have the option to update your credit card on the Profile tab.

All current customers have a refer a friend button on the Account Information page when you first log in.  Use this to invite your neighbors, friends, and family. 

Your referee will receive $10 off their first order. After they pick up their first order you will automatically have a coupon added to your account and receive $10 off on your next order as our way of saying thank you.

The Refer a Friend tab is located on the welcome page of the App. It is the 5th tab down

Laundered Shirts

Men’s dress shirts can be cleaned and pressed in one of two ways. They are laundered and machine pressed on an semi-automated process. 

Let me explain the laundered process:
Shirts are inspected for stains and all buttons are opened. The shirts are then cleaned in a laundry washing. In the wash cycle process we inject Duval Energy (a general degreaser from Krussler). We also inject a shot of sizing during the finial rinse. After the shirts are cleaned they are them pressed through the automated process. First the wet shirts are placed on the cuff and collar press. This is where a curved hot plate will press and dry the cuff and collar of the shirt. It is the. Moved to the “buck press”. This is basically a torso that is dressed with the shirt. Next 2 hot plated come together and press the front and back of the shirt while hot air and steam is blown through the sleeves. The shirts start this process wet and come off dry. This is designed for mid weight cotton dress shirt with standard buttons.

We review every item we clean and will make the determination whether the item should be wet/ dry cleaned and hand pressed or to launder and machine press the shirt.

Yes. This option is available for customers who travel or have limited closet space.

We have the option to box per order or always.

Customers have the option of no starch , starch or heavy starch.
At Parkway Cleaners we add an application of sizing to all of our laundered shirts

When choosing to starch or not to starch consider these three attributes of starch:

  • Comfort – No starch is generally more comfortable.
  • Wrinkles – Freshly pressed shirts are generally wrinkle free and appear smoother when starched. When you introduce starch, over the course of the day, wrinkles will eventually appear, and when starched will be more pronounced.
  • Textile Wear – The frequent and heavy use of starch can cause the fabric become brittle, weak and stiff reducing the lifespan of the shirt.

You can have smooth shirts without starching. When purchasing shirts, select 100% cotton. In general, cotton will look smoother and crisper after pressing than poly-blend fabrics.

Men’s dress shirts can be cleaned and pressed in one of two ways. They are either laundered and machine pressed on an automated process or wet/dry cleaned and hand pressed. The machine pressed process is designed for mid weight cotton shirts that have standard flat buttons.
There are several reasons why a shirt would be hand-pressed versus using the automated process. The most common that we see are shirts that have darts, have more body contour which many slim fit shirts have. The other common reason is if the shirt has unique characteristics including the following:
• mother of pearl buttons
• unique buttons
• thick buttons
• concave shaped buttons
• designer shirts with unique embroidery on the cuff and collar
• shirts that are limited edition and are difficult to find,
• dark shirts could develop a shine on the cuff and collar especially imprints of collar tabs
• shirts made of linen, silk, polyester or spandex,
• shirts that have a light weight fabric
• textured shirts such as seersucker. The automated process will flatten and remove the textured feel after repeated pressings.

Wash and Fold Service

Wash and fold is designed for your general laundry. We will wash, dry and neatly fold general laundry items ( t shirts, pants, nightwear, underwear socks etc.) Even your socks will be paired together.
The difference between this service and our dry clean per piece service is that items are not pressed.
All item will be sorted based on Men’s items, Women’s item, small child etc. and placed in plastic bags that will be put in a Garantote. ( this is a large tote bag made from polypropylene which works well for Wash and Fold.) The end result is that sorting items at home will be as easy as possible.

Yes, we can take special requests for your Wash and fold.  Some examples are:

  • Use Sent & Dye free detergent
  • Use Dryer Sheets
  • Put towels together
  • Bag sheet sets separately

No we will sort your items into lights and darks


No, Parkway Cleaners has you covered. We have mesh laundry bags that we’ll use as needed to protect your items from anything with a velcro opening, hook-and-eye clasp fasteners, or any other types of closures that might harm the other things in your load.

Don’t worry! It’s part of our process to always check all pockets.  We will return found items to you when we return your clean clothes.

Yes, we use a detergent called Trebon which is effective at cleaning and sanatizing.

Alterations and Repairs

If a repair is less than $3 then it is performed on a complimentary basis.

This would include the following;

Tightening or replacement of up to 2 suit pants or jacket buttons
3 shirt buttons that need to be replaced or tightened.
Repairing one small hole in a sweater
Resewing labels that come loose or undone

If the repair is from over $3 but less than $12, we will perform the repair and charge for it.

This will include the following;

Repairing the seam in pants by the pockets where a hole has developed from the wear and tear from
repeated use
Jacket inside pockets lining that rips along the seam
Skirts or a blouse that has a rip along the seam
Repairing up to 5 holes in sweaters
Hems that come down on pants
Repairing and resewing the inside of pockets that have a hole in them
Linings in jackets that are ripped by the shoulder blade, etc

If the repair is over $12 we will reach out to you and explain what is needed and ask if
you would like the repair to be performed.

You can use alteration stickers (which we can provide) or place a note specifying the repair with the garment, then place garment and note in a separate plastic bag within your express bag; either in-store or pickup

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