Organic Dry Cleaning

Parkway Cleaners loves our planet! We are proud to clean GREEN. We utilize organic dry cleaning processes and products.

We have followed through on our commitment to you, and our planet, to become 100% organic. We have invested both time and money to convert our dry clean machines, washers, dryers, and even hot water heaters, to become earth friendly and energy efficient. We are serious about caring for your clothes, our town, our employees, and our planet.

  • We purchased 4 new organic dry cleaning machines in early 2016. We have eliminated the chemicals that are bad for your clothes, our employees, and the earth.
  • Our state of the art stain removal products are also 100% organic. We invest in companies who make green products and choices.
  • Our newly added laundry machines and wash & fold washers utilize brand new instant hot water heaters.
  • Of course, our detergents are also 100% organic, and safe for your family and the earth.

Don’t FORGET – We recycle hangers too, so please send them back to us!

Organic Dry Cleaning; clean green

Experience our quality, convenience and caring. Spend more time doing what you love.